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Nifty League

Nifty League is a game studio at the cutting edge of Web3. Our mission is to create a leading Web3 gaming platform through community governance and development while always putting quality before hype.

Advance your gaming skills and join our community to earn daily NFTL rewards!

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Nifty Smashers

The First NFT Brawler on Ethereum

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Andy and Spike



The max supply of genesis DEGENs is 10k, of which, 9.9k were minted on Mainnet in Fall 2021. All of the DEGENs were hand-created by members of our community who minted, based on available traits and accessories. The final 100 DEGENs will be given to elite players in the Nifty League community.



Players interested in DEGENs will be able to rent an NFT by paying a low weekly fee to the owner. Active renters will be able to play games such as Nifty Smashers and earn NFTL, and explore the Niftyverse. As a renter, you keep 70% of the in-game earnings, while 30% is distributed to the owner via a smart contract.

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✨ NFTL Token

The sale of our characters kicked off the initial distribution of our ecosystem's native utility and governance token, NFTL. In the future, NFTL will serve to give users voting rights on upcoming games and tournaments, and for platform-wide expenses. For now, this only includes naming characters, but will soon be expanded to be used for purchasing additional in-game items and collectibles. NFTL is currently available to trade and stake on SushiSwap.

🥊 Play-and-earn

Players earn NFTL by winning matches or tournaments in our games such as Nifty Smashers. The more you play and improve your skills the better your chances of earning NFTL tokens through gameplay! NFTL can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses, trade with other players, or 'cash out' of the ecosystem for other cryptocurrencies. Your earnings are determined by a number of multipliers such as those from special backgrounds or items.

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Nifty DAO

We will gradually be transferring ownership of the Nifty League to our DAO in order to decentralize the platform and encourage devs to help us build! Our vision is to power rapid growth and development through community contributions enabling us to build a gaming platform like no other.

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Meet the Nifty Team

Andrew Mahoney-Fernandes DEGEN

Andrew Mahoney-Fernandes

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Ali Timnak DEGEN

Ali Timnak

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Mike Scott DEGEN

Mike Scott

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Meghan Vita DEGEN
Meghan Vita
Dave Rosser DEGEN
Dave Rosser
Jeff Elkind DEGEN
Jeff Elkind
Brian Wang DEGEN
Brian Wang
Nicolas Morga DEGEN
Nicolas Morga
Dr. Ashley Godbold DEGEN
Dr. Ashley Godbold
Will Patrick DEGEN
Will Patrick
Gideon Awolesi DEGEN
Gideon Awolesi
Ben Collie DEGEN
Ben Collie
David Lee DEGEN
David Lee