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30 reasons to be BOLOISH on Nifty League

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Nifty League
Nifty League
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By @Nard

The following lists 30 reasons why you should be BOLOISH on Nifty League (NL) at the start of 2022. The list is not ranked, but it is thoughtfully ordered.

BOLOISH about NL origins

  • The mint was a “stealth launch” meaning NL had little to no outside promotion, large following, reputation, or clout prior to going live. NL was the new kid on the block(chain) and has had to prove its worth and place in this space every step of the way – against the ever-growing list of NFT projects and shiny objects. BOLOISH.
  • The mint-o-matic was an interactive and refreshing minting process which gave minters the opportunity to customize their own “DEGENs” by selecting from different tribes, hairstyles, facial features, clothes, and left/right accessories. Although the mint-o-matic is currently out of order, the mint showed us the creativity, talent, and vision that the NL team is bringing to the cryptogaming space. BOLOISH.
  • Renaming your Degen adds another level of personalization to your Degen! From “Degen Jesus” to “Lizard Morty”, there are plenty of Degen look-a-likes which add a lot of flavour and identity to the entire there are plenty of Degen look-a-likes which add a lot of flavour and identity to the entire Nifty league Degen collection. It costs 1000 $NFTL + gas to rename your Degen and publish it on the blockchain. BOLOISH.
  • $NFTL is the utility token for the Nifty League DAO and the Niftyverse (more on these later). Minters received a claimable airdrop of $NFTL for every Degen minted. Currently, NFTL can be used to rename your DEGEN, tip in the degen-lair discord channels, or traded on decentralized exchanges. BOLOISH.
  • Passive 68.5 NFTL per day per Degen for 3 years post-mint. Do the math yourself.
  • The Nifty League Launch comics are official NL companion NFTs that were distributed to NL minters and holders to reward their support in the project. There are 6 Comics in total and they will be used as burnable tokens for in-game wearable $NFTL earning multipliers. They are light-hearted snippets of NL history illustrated by NiftySpike and directed by BOLO DAVE. BOLOISH.

BOLOISH about the NL Team and Community:

  • The core team consists of 2 ex-Activision game developers (NiftyAndy and Snarfy McSlappy) and a professional pixel artist/animator/writer (NiftySpike). Nifty Spike (Mike Scott) has worked for Nickelodeon studios and video games before (MooseBox). These three have time and time again, proven their commitment to this project and their impeccable execution skills. BOLOISH.
  • The #dev-update channel keeps the whole community up-to-date with what the core team is currently working on and what are the next things coming down the NL development pipeline. This channel is frequently updated, so check back periodically! From day 1, the team has been responsive, consistent, transparent, and genuinely receptive to community feedback. BOLOISH.
  • The NL discord and #degen-lair  is where the fantastic NL community can be found. It’s a place where everybody knows your name – AND your Degen’s name. The community blows me away everyday. It’s always popping, always uplifting, there is never slow mode because we love breaking discord with our custom gifs, stickers, and memes. The team and community mods are always available, and the top contributors are amazing at making anyone and everyone feel welcomed. If you are lucky, you’ll be in the #degen-lair during a “tipping frenzy” – just be sure to share the love back!. BOLOISH.
  • is how you make it rain in the #degen-lair, pay for work/commissioned art pieces, or give out community tournament prizes within discord. But beyond that, it has really helped NL foster a culture of giving and sharing. To receive tips from the tipbot, you must be verified and active in the #degen-lair channel. Freshen up on your typing skills because some phrase drops be like: “Nifty League is going to the moon and we are packing Satoshis space ship with a bunch of chickens and Seiya“ – 2 secs. BOLOISH.
  • The NL staff and NL community moderators are some of the most generous, talented, and passionate people that I have had the pleasure of working with in crypto. NL has made 6 new official hires (NiftyJeppe, Nifty Morgan, Koa.eth, Ben, Zoiby, and BOLO DAVE) and the Community Mods have taken on smaller side projects to continue to build out NL and support the core team. Frens, the behind the scenes grind is real and those working on this project are BOLOISH, and so should you. BOLOISH.
  • The top contributors are discord members that have shown a significant amount of participation, be it through content creation, discord activity, or derivative art! The top contributors really set the tone for the NL culture and are usually the first people that newcomers will meet in the discord. BOLOISH.

BOLOISH about NL products

  • NiftySmashers was the link that everyone pressed after minting, expecting to be righteously let down. But wow were we wrong! Buttery smooth brawling game play action using the DEGEN you JUST MINTED and renamed! Right off the bat, NL smashers was ready for local gameplay consisting of 5 different stages, 6 tribes with unique special abilities, and the best animations that keep you coming back for another round. The game is actually fun. BOLOISH.
  • Play AND Earn is the mantra for NL. The team is adamant about creating a suite of games that features your Degen that will keep you coming back for another round… or four. AND you’ll be able to earn a bit of $NFTL while playing these games in Ranked mode (live for Nifty Smashers since Jan 2022). BOLOISH.
  • $NFTL/WETH liquidity pool on Sushiswap can be used to deposit both $NFTL and $WETH (provide liquidity) to earn incentives and trading fees from Sushi. BOLOISH.
  • NL Community Derived Art  NL Community Derived Art gets better and better with each new commission! And each new commission adds more depth to the NL Degens. I hope we see these art pieces in future Easter Eggs and loading screens… BOLOISH.
  • The DGEN highlight reels are a ~3minute compilation video of the best DEGEN community highlights of the week (from incredible gameplay clips to community derivatives). The consistency and production quality of the DGEN highlights are BOLOish and an awesome way of spreading the word about NL. BOLOISH. #DGENHighlights
  • Degen and Frens is NL’s weekly Twitter space that is packed with updates, prominent guest speakers, alpha, and AMAs from the attendees and the discord. We also get to hear directly from NiftyAndy, Snarfy, and Spike who share more and more about their thought process, current tasks, and their larger-than-life vision for NL. BOLOISH.
  • The NL Twitch and YouTube channels are gaining traction and a follower base. These are great for establishing NL social media presence and showcasing the gameplay. Big shout out to RealDealMcKeel and Gospodar for all of the streams! BOLOIS
  • The Nude Beach is where Degens go to PARTY! When you see the channel open on Discord, be sure to pop in and turn up the volume for Dj Tropix! To date, we’ve had a New Years Eve and a 1 ETH Floor Nude Beach Party. WEN NEXT PARTY? BOLOISH.

BOLOISH about the future of NL

  • The moonmap is the path that NL is taking to bring Degens to the moon! But seriously, the moonmap has so many BOLOISH milestones such as NL Land, Pets, Merch and more: BOLOISH.
  • Leaderboards and Tournaments will greatly improve matchmaking and increase the level of competition for our hardcore gamers. The Real Deal is that some rising stars are making Waves and training hard for competitive play. Official leaderboard ranks will also set the framework for NL run tournaments. BOLOISH.
  • Degen Rentals will allow holders to “rent out” their Degens to others who do not own one. This will add a lot of value to holding multiple Degens and will be another way owners can have passive earning through NL. BOLOISH.
  • NL Guilds (such as the Island Boys, Dallas Bolos, and Tokyo Terrors) came in SUPER HOT and caused quite the commotion in the #degen-lair. The NL Team made the decision to simmer down the guild talk for now, but I have a feeling we’ll see them emerge once the rental system matures and the player base has grown. BOLOISH.
  • NL Pets is ****a reminder that NL is more than just the Super Smash Brothers of Web3.0 gaming. NL Pets will unlock a whole new world of opportunities. BOLOISH.
  • Interoperability of other NFT collections either into the Niftyverse or into other NFT metaverses is where a lot of the space is heading towards. Web3.0 gaming means the ability to take your avatar and port it into any ecosystem. BOLOISH.
  • The 7th tribe is still a mystery, and we love mysteries. The team closed the mints at 9900 Degens, reserving the last 100 as the “7th tribe”. This tribe will be extremely rare and may only be attainable by tournament wins or secondary market. Is it a Chicken? A Kangaroo? Whatever it is… BOLOISH.
  • An expanding ecosystem of fun Web3.0 games including NiftyKart, NiftyTennis, NiftyBrawlers, NiftyFishing, Nifty(insert fantasy game and submit a suggestion to the Team on discord!). BOLOISH.
  • Venture Capital (VC) funding news is ALMOST HERE! By the sounds of it, the first round of fundraising was a massive success, and we can’t wait to see who the NL VCs are! The Team has assured us that the VCs are good actors and have NL’s best interests in mind. BOLOISH.
  • NFTs and Cryptogaming is still in their infancy. If you are reading this post, you are probably gonna make it. BOLOISH.

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