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In order to rent a DEGEN, you'll need NFTL in your crypto wallet (NFTL can easily be swapped on SushiSwap).

There will be a small, up-front rental fee, which is determined based on the number of people renting a DEGEN. Rental fees increase as demand increases.

Rental fees will be charged weekly initially, with daily rental fees kicking in after 7 days. After the initial week, renters may continue their rental on a daily basis at a 30% discount from the prorated weekly rental price.

Upon confirming your rental, the daily fee is locked at this maximum for the remainder of the rental period. If people ahead of you in the queue cancel their rental, your daily rental fee will decrease based on your queue position (and demand). This is meant to incentivize players to play frequently during their rental period.

The owner or renter can choose to terminate the rental, but the rental continues for the duration of the period initially rented.

The rental will continue until it is cancelled by the renter or the renter's crypto wallet does not have a large enough NFTL balance to cover the cost of the rental. If this is the case, the player will be automatically kicked out of the queue and the DEGEN will be available to rent.

All in-game earnings will be split between the DEGEN owner, renter (and sponsor, if applicable).

The rental dashboard shows the current price and multiplier for each DEGEN, which are locked upon confirming the rental agreement.

Rental prices vary based on each DEGEN's background (more info can be found in the Rentals FAQ). Multipliers will be driven by the market - every DEGEN will cost the same for its initial rental.

Renters will never have to contact or be concerned with who owns their DEGEN - the agreement is executed by the smart contract making renting no-contact and seamless.

Please note: Withdrawing/offramping your Game Balance of NFTL is not currently live - launch will be by May 7th, at the latest. Stay tuned for announcements in our Discord server!

Once NFTL withdrawals/offramping for Game Balances is live, renters and owners will be able to cash out their NFTL to another cryptocurrency using almost any web3 wallet (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, etc.) After cashing out to your wallet, you can send the NFTL to an exchange in order to sell for USDC or another stable coin like USDT.