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Nifty League Arcade Tokens are off-chain and not an ERC-20.

Arcade Tokens are currently used in our ecosystem to play the WEN Game.

You do not have to own a DEGEN or have an active DEGEN rental to play WEN Game, all you need is an Arcade Token (1 Arcade Token = 1 play).

Arcade Tokens are sold in packs of 4. Currently, 1 pack of Arcade Tokens costs 1,000 NFTL. Arcade Tokens can be purchased using NFTL via the Dashboard or directly within the game.

Purchasing Arcade Tokens in the Dashboard can be done on (1) the Games page by clicking the Buy Arcade Tokens button in the WEN Game card, (2) the Overview page, or by clicking the Buy Tokens button in the Arcade Token Balance box.

A player must have an Arcade Token balance >0 to enter the WEN Game (after entering the game, additional Arcade Tokens can be purchased directly in-game if desired).

All NFTL spent toward the purchase of Arcade Tokens will be burned — our ecosystem’s first major NFTL sink 🔥

Currently, earning Arcade Tokens is based on Nifty Smashers gameplay, on a gamer profile basis: (1) DEGEN Owners earn 4 Arcade Tokens every 24 hours with the completion of at least 1 game of Nifty Smashers, (2) DEGEN Renters earn 1 Arcade Token every 24 hours with the completion of at least 1 game of Nifty Smashers.

Future arcade games will use Arcade Tokens for gameplay as well.