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Future Characters

As our ecosystem grows, we will partner with other popular NFT projects to increase the player capacity in our games, which are only available to DEGEN owners or renters.

It is important to note that the unique trait combinations from our genesis DEGENs will never be mintable again, and any new generation of characters will either be designed with a unique twist on the original tribes, or completely new tribes and traits altogether. While all Nifty League NFTs will have the chance to earn daily rewards while gaming and contributing to the community, only Ethereum DEGEN holders will earn daily NFTL for the first 3 years as described in our token emissions.

We are constantly monitoring demand on other blockchains, and will consider expanding to other EVM-compatible chains in order to onboard new users and enable cross-chain gaming. This may also become a requirement if we introduce games that require frequent user transactions. If we move multi-chain, 60% of all proceeds from future character sales will be sent to the Nifty DAO with the remainder going to the core team for putting the infrastructure in place and preparing new contracts and characters for new blockchains. Current Ethereum DEGEN holders should expect a free NFT mint on future blockchains as well.