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Nifty Smashers

Game Overview

Battle it out amongst the community and get in as many bat bonks on your friends as you can! Nifty Smashers takes inspiration from the classic Super Smash Bros game where the objective is to knock your opponents off the map to score points.

You can play using your keyboard or any other compatible controller (Playstation, Xbox, etc.). You must have a DEGEN NFT to play the game. Simply connect your crypto wallet holding your DEGEN, enter the game lobby, and select your DEGEN for battle.

As background, the local-multiplayer version of Nifty Smashers was made available immediately during mint in September 2021, followed by the online multiplayer.


  • If a DEGEN is hit once and dies (fall off the map) you earn 1 point
  • If a DEGEN is hit multiple times without being able to recover, you get points as often as the DEGEN is hit (regardless if previous hits were done by another DEGEN - so land the final mega-bonk to hit them off the map and claim all the points for the round)
  • The more your opponent is successively bonked, the faster they bounce around and the more points you'll score for bonking
  • The last hit that kills the DEGEN, gets all combo points
  • Currently there is no cap of how often a DEGEN can be hit ("combo’ed"), but there is a cap on the number of points you can get (max 3 points in a 2-player match, and max 5 points in a 3- & 4-player match)
  • A 2-player match require 5pts to win a round
  • 3- & 4-player matches require 10pts to win a round
  • Matches are best of 5 rounds
  • If there is a tie after the 5th round, the tied players move into a sudden death round that the other players get to watch from the sideline


  • The lag indicator shows the lag (ping speed) of your connection
  • Lag typically indicates your ping speed is above 100ms
  • Generally speaking, lag is always present whenever there is physical distance between the players on the internet (the greater the distance, the greater the lag)
  • There are different techniques that developers use to compensate and hide the lag
  • We have implemented a number of these lag compensation techniques that veil the lag for the best experience possible
  • We have also incorporated solutions with servers all around the world so that we can match players closest to each other to minimize the lag as much as possible
  • If you are interested in learning more about these techniques, check out this post we love on Lag Compensation by Gabriel Gambetta

Custom Lobby

  • A custom lobby can be used to open a match in a chosen region
  • The creator of the lobby can see a code in the lobby map which can be shared with others
  • If another DEGEN wants to join the lobby, they must first select the same region as the custom lobby, and then type the lobby code into the input box

Changing Regions

  • Nifty Smashers is a fast paced game where latency/ping is crucial
  • The closer the chosen region is to the player’s location, the lower the ping
  • After changing the region in the Web-GL or Desktop App, the current ping is displayed

Battle Basics

General information, advice, tips and tricks regarding battling in Nifty Smashers.


  • Playing with a controller is highly recommended (Playstation, Xbox, or any other controller recognized by your PC/Mac)
  • For a cheap solution checkout the Logitech F310 Gamepad

Bat swings

  • The bat can be swung in all possible directions: left, right, up, down, diagonals
  • The bat can be swung by clicking the attack button
  • Longer button presses makes the bat hit harder
  • The bat can be swung while standing, running, or jumping
  • Players may long press the attack button during jumps - this is usually a good way to surprise your opponent(s)


  • As a 2D Game, moving directions are left/right
  • Directions can be changed during jumps/tumble (this is much easier to accomplish using a controller)


  • Jump height can be altered by press-duration of jump button
  • Directions can be changed during jumps/tumble

Flying Hamburger

  • Catching the flying hamburger will make your DEGEN's bat hit much stronger - this typically results in a direct kill
  • We are considering limiting burger buff duration by time and/or kill

Tribe Specifics

All DEGEN tribes have a Special Ability (”SA”), which are consistent across all Nifty League games (live and future), including Nifty Smashers. Learn everything you need to know about each tribe here.

Please join our Discord to provide feedback and ideas on how we can improve the game and take it to the next level!