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Distribution (Year 1)

There is no max supply set currently, but we expect around 1 Billion NFTL to be distributed over the calendar year post-mint (through September 2022)

Community Giveaways

Every project needs quality memes! Join the Nifty League Discord for access to free NFTL distributions to community members who go above and beyond contributing to discussions. To facilitate this, we've configured a Discord tip bot for our team and community moderators to tip DEGEN in the server. Please note, we spent a combined total of 7M NFTL via the tip bot over the first two months post-mint for marketing.

Initial Supply

In September 2021, we decided to close our AXS holders airdrop early and reward our DEGEN holders with 212.85M NFTL in total. A portion of these tokens were claimable when purchasing a DEGEN NFT, and the rest were airdropped to holders prior to the sale based on a snapshot taken at Block #13360120. Please note, a total of 256K NFTL was claimed while the AXS airdrop contract was open.

100M NFTL was allocated for a team development fund which is time-locked for 6 months from Block #13228502.

100M NFTL was provided to the Nifty League DAO Treasury to support early community plans such as liquidity incentives, tournament rewards, or giveaways.

This brings the initial supply to around 420M with daily emissions for all genesis NFT owners starting immediately after each character sale.