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The sale of our characters kicked off the initial distribution of our ecosystem’s native utility and governance token, NFTL.

NFTL is currently only available for trading and staking on SushiSwap.

NFTL helps decentralize our ecosystem by ensuring important decisions regarding the direction of Nifty League are decided via the Nifty League DAO.

NFTL serves a dual purpose of giving users voting rights on upcoming games and tournaments, as well as paying for platform-wide expenses. For now, this only includes naming characters, but will soon be expanded to be used for purchasing additional in-game items and collectibles.

Any NFTL used for naming characters is immediately burned (removed from circulation). When additional in-game items are introduced, 90% of all proceeds will be given to the Nifty League DAO, and the remaining 10% will be paid to the core team.

NFTL will also be required to pay for DEGEN Rentals, and to purchase land in the Niftyverse.