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We will gradually be transferring ownership of Nifty League to the Nifty League DAO in order to decentralize the platform and encourage developers and artists to help build! Our vision is to power rapid growth and development through community contributions, enabling us to build a gaming platform like no other. Simply put, DAOs are the future. We see only one route to becoming the world's leading GameFi platform and that’s by building together.

NFTL is our native governance token which provides voting rights and other other utilities. Our DAO's treasury assets are held within a Gnosis multi-sig wallet that will be used to handle distributions to future project contributors, as well as tournaments and other activities. We plan on migrating our treasury to Arbitrum once their Gnosis integration is complete to benefit from lower fees and more frequent distributions to community contributors going forward.

The core team is actively looking for notable members of our community to join our multi-sig committee to handle treasury operations and guarantee proposals are on-chain according to the DAO's guidelines (WIP). Please contact a community moderator in Discord for more information.