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Here, you'll find curated how-to guides and information to help get you started.

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Getting Started

Setup your Ethereum wallet and buy or rent a DEGEN to play for NFTL

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Nifty Smashers Guide

Learn about Smashers gameplay and how points are counted

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nifty League is leading competitive gaming in the metaverse - moving away from play-to-earn into a new era of play-and-earn by offering a fun and engaging gaming ecosystem. The Niftyverse is centered around nostalgia where builders, players, and owners spend time connecting, gaming, and earning in Web3. Learn more here.

NFTL is our platform-wide governance token, which is currently available to trade and stake on SushiSwap.

Players earn NFTL by landing hits and winning matches in our game Nifty Smashers. The more you play and improve your skills the better your chances of earning NFTL tokens through gameplay! NFTL can be used to purchase in-game items and bonuses, trade with other players, or 'cash out' of the ecosystem for other cryptocurrencies.

In the future, NFTL will serve to give users voting rights on upcoming games and tournaments, and for platform-wide expenses. For now, this only includes naming characters, but will soon be expanded to be used for purchasing additional in-game items and collectibles.

Learn more here.

Nifty Smashers is the first title offered by Nifty League based off of the popular game Super Smash Bros.

Battle it out amongst the community and get in as many bat bonks on your friends as you can! Nifty Smashers takes inspiration from the classic Super Smash Bros game where the objective is to knock your opponents off the map to score points.

At the moment you will either need to own or rent a DEGEN to play any games on our platform. A free-2-play version will be coming soon enabling players around the world to hop in our game servers and earn a small amount of NFTL for playing.
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