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🚧 Under Development 🚧

While Nifty League focuses on building a decentralized game platform with titles such as Nifty Smashers and other Nintendo-inspired games, Niftyverse stands at the heart of our ecosystem tying everything together. It's not only the central lobby system or launch point for many of these games, but the main hub for all social interactions (and quite frankly our biggest game in and of itself).

Staying true to the Nifty League's brand, the Niftyverse takes inspiration from GTA where degenerate activity thrives. It's a place you can always come back to for fun side quests or adventures and host events with your friends. Like GTA, Niftyverse lets players jump in like they were playing a single-player campaign. As they earn more NFTL, they buy property, vehicles, and other goodies to make a bigger mark on the world. I hope you are into cars, planes, and what nots because Niftyverse is a haven for vehicle connoisseurs and collectors alike.