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Does it cost to play Nifty Smashers?

You can play Nifty Smashers by either renting a DEGEN NFT from our Degen Rentals Marketplace for a weekly fee or owning a DEGEN NFT (which can be purchased on OpenSea, LooksRare or Coinbase NFT).

Do I need more than one DEGEN to play Nifty Smashers?

No, you only need one DEGEN NFT to play.

How do I connect my crypto wallet?

Click the “Connect” button in the top right of the official Nifty League website.

How do I import my DEGENs into Nifty Smashers?

Sign the message to verify the ownership of your DEGENs in your preferred crypto wallet when you launch the game.

Where can I play Nifty Smashers?

Nifty Smashers is playable on your favorite web browsers as long as it supports crypto wallet extensions. We also have a desktop app available for Window users at the moment with MacOS coming soon.

Do I have to pay gas for in-game transactions?

No, users will only pay gas fees for withdrawing or depositing NFTL into our ecosystem.

Do I need controllers to play?

No, although we think it's easier to play with a controller (PS, Xbox, or any others recognized by PC/Mac) than a keyboard.

How do I verify my DEGENs in Discord?

Navigate to the ✅ | #verify-degens channel channel in the official Nifty League Discord. Connect your wallet to Collab.Land and you’re good to go! Please ensure you are using the link generated within the channel. Collab.Land will never DM you. Verifying your degen grants access to the 💰 | #degen-lair, where you can receive tips in NFTL, and interact with other DEGEN holders globally.

Why is the genesis DEGEN NFT max supply 9.9k/10k?

The final 100 DEGENs in the genesis collection are of a mysterious seventh tribe. These special DEGENs have been set aside as prizes for potential tournaments, lotteries or other community incentives from the Nifty League DAO.

Will there be additional generations of DEGENs created in the future?

Whether or not we create further generations of DEGEN NFTs will be decided by the Nifty League DAO in the future.

Will I be able to use my DEGENs in other ecosystems?

Yes! We are currently integrating with WorldWideWeb3 and Sappy Seals in their future metaverse, called Pixlverse. In the PixlVerse, we’ve been given land grants to develop and build our DEGENs a place to engage with other communities.

We are constantly working on partnership integrations - please reach out to our community moderators if you are interested in working with us.

What is the utility/function of DEGEN backgrounds?

Backgrounds come with special perks such as a distinguished look in game and extra NFTL earning multipliers with the following rates:

  • Common: x1
  • Rare: x2
  • Meta: x3
  • Legendary: x6

Read more about DEGEN backgrounds.

Why is the DEGEN rename asking for multiple verifications?

Renaming a character costs 1k NFTL, which is immediately burned by the Nifty Degen smart contract. In order to enable the contract to spend your NFTL, you will initially need to increase the spending allowance by at least 1k NFTL. By default, this approval is set to 1k but if you plan on renaming multiple characters you can increase the allowance to avoid having to increase the allowance in the future.

Where can I buy Nifty League merchandise?

You can puchase Nifty League merchandise on our official Shopify site.