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How do I add the NFTL token to Metamask?

Click the NL icon on the Profile section of our website to add the token visibility to your Metamask.

What blockchain is Nifty League built on?


What utility does NFTL have?

NFTL acts as a way to decentralize our ecosystem by ensuring important decisions regarding the direction of Nifty League are decided via the Nifty DAO. It serves a dual purpose of giving users voting rights on upcoming games and tournaments, as well as being used for platform-wide expenses. For now, this only includes naming characters, but may be expanded to be used for purchasing additional in-game items, collectibles or even potential future characters.

Where can I purchase NFTL?

Currently you can purchase NFTL by swapping ETH (or wETH) for NFTL on a decentralized trading platform like SushiSwap.

How much NFTL does a DEGEN NFT earn per day passively (regardless of gameplay from the owner or renter(s))?

Each DEGEN accumulates 68.5 NFTL per day for 3 years post-launch (specifically, September 24, 2024).

Where can I view gameplay earnings?

Navigate to your Profile on the Nifty League website.

How do I claim NFTL from the bot?

Make sure that you’re in the official Nifty League Discord. DM the bot "$withdraw NFTL" command. The bot will prompt you to send a destination public address.

How can I claim my accumulated NFTL?

Navigate to your Profile on the Nifty League website. Click the "Claim" button and initiate a gas transaction to claim your NFTL.

Are there plans to build a Nifty league DAO?

Yes! And the NFTL token will be used to govern the DAO.

Is there a max supply of NFTL?

Roughly 1 billion tokens will be minted during the first year. The supply will only be increased if the DAO votes to do so. Read more here.

When purchasing a DEGEN on OpenSea, how do I view the amount of NFTL a DEGEN has accumulated?

  • Navigate to the Nifty League NFTL Token Contract
  • Scroll to 5. accumulated
  • Enter the DEGEN ID (the number associated with the DEGEN)
  • Click the hyperlinked number that is returned (this will open a page that automatically converts the NFTL value to Ether)

Please note, you do not need to connect your crypto wallet to access this feature!