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What is the purpose/utility of Nifty League comics?

Each comic can be burned for in-game wearables that will increase your NFTL multiplier. Each comic corresponds with a specific wearable that will earn NFTL at different rates based on the rarity of the comic. A full set of comics, 1-6, can also be exchanged for a mystery item. Alternatively, you can always choose to hold on to your comics after the burning window — you never know what Satoshi has up his sleeve!

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How do I claim Nifty League Comics 5 and 6?

Comics 5 and 6 are not yet claimable. Once they are available to claim, you may claim your Comics on our website by navigating to your Profile and selecting Comics.

The snapshot for Comics 5 and 6 was taken at Ethereum Block 14115835. Each DEGEN held at the snapshot will receive a comic 5 claim. Each tribe set, and meta background, received a comic 6 claim. Legendary DEGENs held at the snapshot received a claim for two comic 6s.

Comics 1-4 were airdropped as minting promotions and are available on OpenSea. Please note - all other Nifty League Laucnh Comics Collecitons on OpenSea are fake/fraudulent!

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