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Along with additional games, we have several ideas in store to continue to grow our platform. One of our main goals is to launch a marketplace allowing you to collect reusable NFTs such as cars, special weapons, or wearables for our games. These smart contracts would extend the ERC-1155 Ethereum multi-token standard to create non-fungible items with a set limit on availability for each. As a bonus for playing our games, we would like to award items purchasable here to players who can then sell them or use them in-game. Another option we are considering is awarding time-released NFTs such as treasure chests which can be burned, revealing the collectible inside.

DEGEN Minting ✅

Nifty League DEGEN NFTs were brought to life by our community at the end of Sept 2021. The minting process was a one-of-a-kind spectacle that allowed minters the ability to design their own DEGEN using using Satoshi's Mint-O-Matic.

Nifty Smashers Alpha Launch ✅

Our NFT launch coincided with the immediate availability of our first of many games, Nifty Smashers.

Desktop App ✅

The Desktop App is now live for Windows users! MacOS is right around the corner.

Considering browser limitations with our previous WebGL build, we made a point to focus our immediate efforts on creating a launcher to house all of our games and include Discord social integrations. Now that memory limits are not a concern we are free to introduce additional animations, movesets, and other NFT projects - all while significantly improving ping for our users.

Play-and-earn ✅

How cool is it to earn money while playing games you actually enjoy? With the rollout of our P&E system you can accumulate NFTL through casual matches in Nifty Smashers. While the largest winnings go to whoever secures 1st place in a match, you'll also earn NFTL through points scored as well as winning rounds. Be careful not to fall off the map because there will be penalties deducted from your potential earnings!

Merchandise ✅

We know our community can't wait to showcase their cool DEGENS on the streets! We are excited to unveil our merchandise marketplace including two clothing lines. The first having a strong gaming slant similar to Pokémon, while the other will be focused on a rad streetwear aesthetic.

Rentals ✅

Our player-base is currently limited to the number of unique DEGEN NFT holders. We want to scale our platform as much as possible without devaluing our genesis DEGEN tribes who stand at the heart of our ecosystem.

Rather than inflating the character supply, we are introducing a bespoke rental system allowing DEGEN holders to earn NFTL daily through fees. Each DEGEN can be rented indefinitely but the cost for doing so will increase exponentially with each additional rental. This allows the market to decide the price for each DEGEN individually while spreading out the rentals across the board as some equipped with precious items, wearables, or backgrounds will have a higher earn rate through NFTL multipliers.

Leaderboards ✅

Our games are meant to be competitive; what better way to showcase this than a leaderboard with star players like FVSVY at the top? We'll include game stats for daily, weekly, monthly, and of course all-time leaders for all of our games in the Niftyverse.

WEN Game ✅

Our first of many arcade style games, WEN Game is all about timing as players attempt to hit a baseball from a pitching machine! This launch also introduces our Arcade Token used to access any of our Arcade games.


Our team has been slowly hinting at the upcoming utilities for comics - as you may already be aware you will be able to burn each page for special in-game items that increase your DEGEN's NFTL multiplier.

We previously airdropped our initial 4 Comic pages to minters and still have 2 pages remaining for DEGEN holders. Word from Satoshi - securing a full collection is highly recommended.

Nifty Smashers Beta

We are implementing a new netcode solution which looks very promising even from an early development stage. Not only will this improve lag considerably, but you can expect some cool features such as broadcasting live games and having replays readily available through our archive.


Scaling our platform is a high priority. Part of this process is onboarding new users who may not be able to afford to own or rent a DEGEN. Our free-2-play option will allow new users to join matches using a generic character that allows them to test out each tribe’s special move, but more importantly - grind it out until they have enough NFTL to pay for a rental.

Items Marketplace

We are working with the Immutable X team to launch our items marketplace in early 2022. Offerings will include skins, weapons, consumable items, and more to enhance your DEGENS in-game. While some items may be cosmetic additions, many will include NFTL multipliers for play-and-earn.

Items will be sold via NFTL in limited quantities. 70% of all proceeds will be burned while the remainder will be sent to the DAO for its initial revenue stream.

Nifty League DAO

We will gradually be transferring ownership of Nifty League to our DAO in order to decentralize the platform and encourage devs to help us build! Our vision is power rapid growth and development via community contributions, enabling us to build a gaming platform like no other. Simply put, DAOs are the future. We see only one route to becoming the world's leading GameFi platform and that’s by building together.


Going forward all of our games will be mobile compatible. With a high concentration of gamers using mobile platforms, we envision this release will be pivotal to the project.

In-Game Chat

In preparation for the Niftyverse we will start by releasing an in-game chat for you to talk or text with DEGEN frens. Being a popular request - there is a chance this may even be introduced earlier in our timeline - stay tuned!


Welcome to the Niftyverse - a world filled with DEGENS and NFT communities alike with a shared vision to have fun and build a thriving gaming community. What makes the Niftyverse stand apart from other metaverses is our P&E games being the centerpiece. Walk into our arcade room filled with fun mini-games or venture to destinations on the map to jump into our classic titles like Nifty Smashers and Nifty Kart.

The world is centered around a city reminiscent of our popular SushiSwap level in Nifty Smashers. To kick things off we will hold a land sale with premium options in the city as well as cheaper undeveloped land outside the city limits. Acquiring premium land in the city where all the action is comes with the additional benefit of having buildings already in place that you can design however you see fit.

If you're a creative type, don't miss this opportunity - we will have an asset store for you to design assets such as buildings or trees and list them for sale based on your defined limits and pricing. Do you want a cool DEGEN theme park or Cyber Kongz meetup? Build out the Niftyverse to whatever your heart desires!

The land and assets will be sold with NFTL (a portion of which will be burned).


Following our Niftyverse launch we will introduce cool pets for your DEGENS! A lot of community members have asked us to dust off and bring back Satoshi's Mint-O-Matic, and we couldn't agree more!

DEGEN NFT holders will receive whitelist spots so our community can create pets at their leisure. A public offering will follow for any remaining pets. If you missed the first minting experience be sure to keep this one on your calendar!

Nifty Royale

It's important to note that any subsequent games will be voted upon by the DAO. One of the first games we'd like to introduce is a fun battle royale based in the Niftyverse.

Nifty Kart

Old school classics are core to our game offerings as we recognize the power of reliving childhood favorites with a web3 twist. Own your characters & karts and get ready to race for NFTL!


As our platform grows and demand increases DEGEN rental costs - we may consider a future NFT sale introducing new tribes. Do note that the final decision to go this route will rest with the DAO.