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General Info


  • If a DEGEN is hit once and dies (falls off map) you get one point
  • If a DEGEN is hit multiple times while unable to recover, you get points as often as the DEGEN was hit. It doesn’t matter if previous hits were done by another DEGEN. The last hit that kills the DEGEN, gets all combo points
  • Currently there is no cap of how often a DEGEN can be hit (combo’ed) but there is a cap on how many points you can get max (3 points for a 2-player match, and 5 points for 3- & 4-player matches)
  • 2-player-match: 5pts to win a round
  • 3- & 4-player-match: 10pts to win a round
  • Matches are Best of 5 (Bo5). If there is a tie after the fifth round, the tied players move into a sudden death round

Lag Indicator

  • Your lag (ping speed) of your connection
  • Lag usually means above 100ms

Custom Lobby

  • A custom lobby can be used to open a match in a chosen region. The creator of the lobby can see a code in the lobby map which can be shared with others
  • If another DEGEN wants to join the lobby, he first needs to select the correct region and then type the lobby code into an input box

How and why to change regions?

  • Nifty Smasher is a fast paced game where good latency/ping is crucial. The nearer the chosen region is to the player’s location, the lower the player's ping is expected to be
  • After changing the region in the web/desktop-App, the current ping is displayed