Satoshi Nakamoto was a quiet genius. Having lived in Japan as an inventor, one day his prodigious tinkering led to the creation of a little project known as Bitcoin. After changing the world as we know it and paving the way for endless successors, imitators, and meme coins, he retired to a life of equal parts solitude and secrecy.

One day Satoshi met a panicked Frog from a parallel dimension (as you do). The Frog explained that he hailed from the NiftyGalaxy, an alternate universe that was in deep trouble. With not much time left to save his world, the Frog sought out the greatest minds across the multiverse to aid him in saving his world, and that journey had brought him to Satoshi.

Satoshi got into his Space Bubble and warp-jumped to the NiftyGalaxy. Once there he learned that 6 tribes that inhabited the NiftyGalaxy (Frogs, Cats, Doges, Humans, Aliens and Apes) had all declared war amongst each other due to simple misunderstandings.

The Cat tribe couldn’t stand how the Doge tribe rolled around so carefree, such blissful ignorance, wow. The calculated Aliens were sickened by the Apes and their constant fomo-ing into everything that moved. And the Frogs despised the Human tribe and their penchant for walking around without clothes.

Satoshi however was impressed with the various tribes’ competitiveness, and decided to form The Nifty League - a project whereby tribes from all over The NiftyGalaxy would be able to channel their grievances into fun, friendly and safe competitive games. He formalized anyone’s entrance into the Nifty League by minting them with unique attributes in his novel Mint-O-Matic machine, and named those enrollees ‘DEGENs’. Satoshi started up tournaments as a way to formalize the competitions, and provided rewards to those who contributed towards the Nifty League’s success.

This culminated in Satoshi building The Citadel; an oasis of peace, prosperity, and the occasional bonk on the head with a baseball bat. Any Degen with a special Citadel Key would be granted access to this idyllic area, and would be the Degens Satoshi considered assets to the Nifty League community, and the NiftyGalaxy as a whole.

The tribes made a pact that Satoshi’s Nifty League was considered neutral and peaceful territory, and with the help of the Degens, Satoshi brought about peace in his newly dubbed ‘NiftyVerse’.

Inspired by the world growing before him, Satoshi reached out to tribes from other universes such as The Kongz and Forgotten Runes Wizards to share in the fun of what he and his faithful Degens were creating in The NiftyVerse.

Satoshi also discovered an ancient 7th tribe - the Hydras. A primordial group long forgotten to Planet Degen, they existed long before Satoshi or any of the other tribes had ever lived. He figured out a way to bring them back from extinction, as they joined the ranks of Nifty League after some bargaining to get the coolest outfits.

But Satoshi’s astronomic rise as the savior of the Niftyverse perhaps went a step too far, as Satoshi’s tinkering with this parallel world has seen an ancient evil once feared in the Niftyverse awaken.

Known as RugMan, he was once the ruthless ruler of the planet and responsible for decimating the Hydras, and finds himself resurrected once more after a failed experiment by Satoshi. Along with his grunts in the fiery Mt. Gawx, and his second in command Pengweevil who rules the Northern Ice Cap, RugMan seeks to reclaim the planet he once ruled over with an iron fist and diamond hands.

Feeling responsible for bringing his now peaceful world into danger once more, Satoshi has vowed to put an end to RugMan once and for all, and with his faithful army of Degens under his control, the battle for the NiftyVerse has just begun.