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Getting Started

Setup your Ethereum wallet and buy a DEGEN for premium content.

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Nifty Smashers

Learn about Nifty Smashers gameplay and how points are counted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nifty League is a game studio at the cutting edge of Web3. Our mission is to establish a platform of unparalleled quality and player experience to inspire other indie game developers to build a decentralized future with us. Learn more here.

The NiftyVerse is a digital world centered around nostalgia. It not only acts as a social hub for connecting with friends online, but is THE ultimate Nifty League game hub with fun missions and launch points into our other game titles. Land parcels will be available to build custom areas for holders, and players can show off their digital assets from Nifty League or other partner communities to stand out.

NFTL is our platform-wide governance token and utility token. The token is distributed freely to DEGEN NFT holders and Nifty Smashers players through special events. The team has never, nor will ever, sell NFTL to the public. It is available for trading on decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and SushiSwap.
Utility includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Governance: DAO formation planned Q3-Q4 2023
  2. NFT drops: Raffles (ongoing), NiftyVerse Land, special weapons/wearables, others TBA
  3. Ecosystem currency: Compete & Earn wagering, redeem in-game hard currencies (TBD)
  4. Platform fees: rename DEGENs, rentals(deprecated), etc
Learn more here.

Nifty Smashers is the first title offered by Nifty League based off of the popular game Super Smash Bros.

Battle it out amongst the community and get in as many bat bonks on your friends as you can! Nifty Smashers takes inspiration from the classic Super Smash Bros game where the objective is to knock your opponents off the map to score points.

At the moment you need to own a DEGEN or hold a partner NFT from CyberKongz or Forgotten Runes to play. A free-2-play version will be coming soon with our mobile launch enabling players around the world to hop in our game servers and enjoy.